a lot of SJ is weirdly soft on privileged people. like “oh, cis people have to do a continual process of unlearning transphobia overcoming the social conditioning of an entire society! it is so difficult!” no, actually, not being a transphobe is not that hard, it’s just that a lot of cis people don’t do it

i think this is the first time i’ve seen you criticise sj for not being stereotypical sj enough


The hardest thing about not being a transphobe is that I am a trans person myself and still am 100% confused about why certain things/people are being called transphobic.

If even I, a Smol Oppressed Tran, am confused about What Makes Something Transphobic in a fair number of cases, how exactly is Clueless Average CisJoe supposed to tell?

At that point, the thing to do is to start unpacking words – why do we care about transphobia again? Because it can hurt people. Ok, how does THIS THING hurt people?

And then either it does hurt somebody, somehow, which is why it matters – in which case it doesn’t really matter whether it is “transphobic” – it hurts people, so cut it out – or it doesn’t hurt anybody in which case again it doesn’t matter what word somebody uses to describe it, you can keep doing it.

This however presumes that things that hurt people don’t help other people (competing needs and all that). 

Hashtag Utilitarianism

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