I am kind of disappointed in you, friends. Not due to your refusal to shun people, etc – especially not at the command of some random asshole who wouldn’t respect you even if you did – but due to all of you being so VISIBLY UNTROUBLED by associating with the kinds of people who CANNOT harm you but CAN harm me.

It’s not necessarily about your policies; I am just a bit alarmed by your attitude.

To be fair, it’s hard to grimace in text form. Every word you read is decoupled from the voice that created it.

(although I suspect more than half of it’s people coming from a libertarian or otherwise rightwing background still feeling a nostalgic connection to the right and especially not the mainstream right, but I’m not most people)

That, plus it’s kind of hard for me to take the alt right seriously as a political force. Most of the real world bigotry I run into is perpetrated either by garden variety republicans, brogressives, or people without any political label in particular who just absorbed it by osmosis. Maybe this is different in Europe?



I guess. Trump supporters don’t really register to me as alt right though. Not sure I have any principled reason why; they just don’t.

Well that’s because they’re not, surely? The Alt-Right is the ALTernative to the mainstream Right. You cannot really be the alternative to the mainstream when you’re so mainstream there’s talk about your political candidate becoming president.

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