Getting really tired of political arguments that are just about how (un)virtuous a particular faction is.

I truly don’t care how you feel about Democrats or Republicans or
liberals or libertarians or conservatives or leftists or SJWs or MRAs or
rationalists or feminists. If there’s a belief or pattern of behavior
you want to discuss which is associated with a particular group, by all
means talk about that. But if your thesis is ultimately about praising
or condemning the group rather than saying something about the specific
beliefs or behaviors, I usually won’t have any idea how to evaluate your
claim or any good reason to try.

For example: If you say “There’s
a common belief among libertarians that the prices set by a free market
are the morally correct prices. I think that’s incorrect and harmful,
and here’s why,” then great! We can discuss that idea, its philosophical
basis, and its consequences. You might manage to convince someone who
previously believed in it to change their mind. Someone might accuse you
of attacking a strawman, but it should be easy enough to show that some
people actually hold the belief you’re talking about.

On the
other hand, if you say “Libertarianism is terrible because it claims
that the prices set by a free market are the morally correct prices,”
then you’re going to end up arguing about how many libertarians actually
believe that, who actually counts as a libertarian, what beliefs are
essential to “the libertarian worldview”, how someone’s actions might reveal
a belief in a particular principle even if they don’t state that it’s
true, etc. These discussions are difficult, contentious, and almost
completely pointless. At best, they can change how someone chooses to
label their beliefs. But how someone labels their beliefs is a lot less
important than what they actually believe, and you’re not going to make any headway on the latter as long as you’re arguing about what counts as libertarianism.

was written with the assumption that when you debate, you’re attempting
to change someone else’s mind –either your interlocutor’s or a third
party’s– but it’s just as applicable if you’re trying to test and
clarify your own opinions. If you have no hope of changing anyone’s
view, even your own… I don’t want to tell you how to live your life,
maybe what you’re doing is enjoyable and/or healthy for you. But please
keep it away from me.)

slamming the reblog button until it breaks, etc.

So considering this shitty website, somewhere between 0 and 1 times?

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