i wonder what the “alt-left” would look like

This thread led to depressing places so here’s my idea:

Leftists who wear flannel and listen to new wave instead of army jackets and punk rock

To offer a serious suggestion, the alt-left should be leftism with skepticism or hostility towards the idea of “progress.”

There is literally no more pointless idea than an alt-left.  The point of being on the left isn’t to create an alternate niche, it’s to communicate ideas widely that will change society bottom to top.

Sure, but creating new factions, identities, and movements is a useful technique for that communication.

if only the left had a thing for creating new factions and taking seriously the finest gradations of ideology at the drop of a hat

Yes, well. The former need not imply the latter. Ideological purity is for the right. I view leftist factions as genres.

oh thank god the left isn’t obsessed with ideological purity

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