what is a hash post?




posting the numeric hash of a prediction or controversial statement, so that you can reveal the actual message later with proof that you said it earlier.

the coward’s way out.

Wait really? I thought you meant like a blank text post with your message in the tags, I was making a dumb joke

What if you made a statement that had different meanings when translated by different hashes?

Hashing doesn’t really work like that – there are literally infinity statements that all translate into the same hash value, so if all you have is the hash, you cannot guess the original statement.

The point of hashing a post is that it is technically unfeasible to guess ahead of time what the hash value of any statement is, so if somebody posts a hash value in 2016, and then in 2018 posts a statement that translates into that value, you can know they wrote that statement in 2016 and just sat on it.

This is useful for e.g. politally inflammatory ideas – if you know something and you later want to prove you guessed it right, but definitely don’t want to post it today and get flamed, you post the hash of it instead.

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