to be honest, the fact that i was once coerced into sewing a dozen pairs of shorts without pay for a play about organized labor movements demanding fairer treatment and compensation is in retrospect pretty hilarious

i still don’t think it was an appropriate decision on the part of the danish government, but it is in retrospect hilarious

original post


my school in denmark made everyone stay at school until 5 a few days a week to make stuff for the class play

(i wasn’t in the play itself, most people weren’t)

they wanted some people to have matching shorts so instead of buying shorts from a clothing store like normal people they had me sew them (which took forever)

other people sewed other stuff

obviously they didn’t pay us or let us control the work environment much, they played this super-sexual english-language music that was annoying, it was no fun

also the play was about some danish labor movement in the 1800s. eight hours labor, eight hours sleep, eight hours free time. (otte timers arbeit, otte timers schlafe, otte timers friheld?)

so that is the story of how the danish government made me sew a bunch of stuff for free for a play about some danish labor movement

There was a test here and you failed it.

That sounds 100% like something our bureaucrats would do and completely miss the irony.

EDIT: What school was this?

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