How much to become friends with someone you know nothing about, except that they are an utilitarian?


I am currently spending a highe-than-sustainable share of my energy on socializing. This is mainly a consequence of having more partners close by than I’m used to, and becoming more active with Bay effective altruism events. As a result I’m very reluctant to meet new people right now, even though I expect I’d like them. So right now, probably like $5k, which is enough I could stop working part-time until I graduate and spend the extra time on Friendship. Once I graduate anyway that’ll change, but whether it changes upwards or downwards will depend on whether work takes all my socializing energy or less of it than school.

The really interesting thing about money is how universally useful it is – I suspect there is  some amount of money that would make you genuinely happy about the arrangement, because you could use it to get more energy by hiring people to do the things that normally drain you of energy.

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