listen, i’m not gonna be one of those “you need to vote or you’re an asshole” people, but if you use “all politicians will lead to the same outcome” or “worse politicians will get us to revolution faster” as an argument, consider this:

  • there are political movements immersed in the deconstruction of specific oppressions who are very loudly stating that, yes, the outcome of political elections will affect the groups they represent greatly
  • ignoring those calls to action is inherently privileged
  • you don’t get to use the continued and magnified suffering of oppressed groups as a pawn for your idea of revolution
  • your idea of revolution is probably privileged nonsense in the first place
  • your farts do more to deconstruct oppression than you do, at least they stand a chance of somewhat inconveniencing a fascist

there’s a couple good reasons not to vote, like, idk, “i’m a member of a group who’s gonna get bombed by every one of the fuckers,” but leftist elitism isn’t one of them

as a non-US citizen,

you know i was going to ignore you and your typical derailment from the peanut gallery, but then i realized that this time it’s actually really funny because nothing in this post is US-specific at all

there are 69 national elections in 2016 alone, and that’s just national, not state or provincial

and it looks like we are going to have an early election in Australia this year!

voting is compulsory, with a $50 fine if you don’t register to vote

the election is held on a Saturday, because it would be stupid it to have it on a work day, and postal voting is available if you can’t make it to the polling booth

and of course we have a preference-based system, so third parties actually matter and can influence the outcome

*switches off electoral bragging mode*

Wait so you’re deliberately picking that crowd of idiots?

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