Wow, you make being closeted sound so wonderful. I guess the conservatives who want to push us back in there and lock the door are right after all!


“Wow, this thing makes you happy! I guess that means that we should force all people to do it all the time!”

No, actually, that’s a little uncharitable to you. Your position is “wow, this thing makes you happy! Since there are people who think that everyone should be forced to do it all the time, you need to pretend you don’t feel that way.

But that’s still not cool. I might feel differently if there were anyone reading my blog who thought gay people should hide it, but actually I still might not. I am allowed to feel happiness in situations that shouldn’t exist at all, and in situations that people including me are actively fighting to make less common. I am allowed to talk about that happiness.

As I think I said pretty clearly… it is in the context of being openly gay and having a supportive community and spending a week with my girlfriend that I could feel secure and happy in an environment where we couldn’t share that. But if I actually were a closeted person who felt secure and happy keeping her relationship secret? I would still be allowed to say so.

The experiences of gay people are not the enemy of the Gay Cause. 

I am continually amazed you can respond seriously to this type of ask, in my impatience I would be incredibly tempted to just shout ”get fucked, anon” and call it a day.

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