i really need to start an aesthetic blog that is 100% borlaug in wheat fields like i told sev i would

the one problem is i will have to manually delete diaspora* posts from it

oh well

OR: You can create a burner email to register a new tumblr,that diaspora doesn’t know?

Then I’d have to log in and out all the time. Although I should test if the Diaspora* thing is still an issue, because [unused but not-yet-deleted sideblog] doesn’t seem to have any recent Diaspora* posts.

Not if you run it from a different browser w/ separate cookie stack, either by hosting the browser in a vm (I used to use Virtual box for this – one vm for my “shieldfoss” profile, one for my netbanking, one for my facebook “real life” profile etc.) or by just using a separate browser.

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