Okay, listen, I am a straight guy and I find that very offensive. Sharing one’s sexual desires on the web is immodest and deeply unattractive. Just as I would instantly lose attraction to any woman who committed this impropriety, I would expect to be firmly rebuffed if I were to say anything that even hinted at such a lack of restraint. No self-respecting woman would allow herself to be so defiled, and certainly I would not grace such a woman with my seed.


It’s like a twisted Goedel numbering, where the straight guy who would hit that is not permitted to hit that and the straight guy who would not hit that is.

You joke, and he certainly used weird phrasing, but except for dating sites, I have never spontaneously told some random internet stranger that I found her attractive – it might annoy the woman for no gain, and it seems super low class.

(Oh NOW we see the classism inherent in the Shieldfoss!)

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