What the heck do vegetarians eat? I’m trying to think of shit to cook for my girl and all I can think of is forcefeeding her a slab of fucking salmon.

does she eat eggs/dairy?

otherwise you’re stuck with beans, lentils, tofu, nuts, seeds, varieties of fungus, and some other things that leave you craving decent fats if consumed for an extended period of time. (coconut oil!)

You’re not trying to make sure she gets All The Vital Minerals And Acids until you do this stuff on the regular, you’re just trying to get her fed, preferably on something tasty.

So: Get a pot with a diatemer of ~30 cm / 1 foot.

In that pot, pour oil (Preferences differ, I use olive)

Heat it

Into the hot oil, put some diced vegetables, e.g. bell peppers + onions + potato. Also salt. If you have carelessly purchased vegetables that take different lengths of time to cook (e.g. potatoes take longer than onions) then wait ~15 minutes after the potatoes before adding the other stuff.

Stir regularly so things don’t burn. Use more oil if necessary.

At the end, sprinkle in some sesame seeds.

Serve w/ bread, soy sauce.

Easily adapted for meat-eaters: The first thing to put in the pot is cubed bacon, to be fried until crunchy before adding the vegetables.

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