How useful, when roasted meats and other foods are before you, to see them in your mind as here the dead body of a fish, there the dead body of a bird or a pig. Or again, to think of Falernian wine as the juice of a cluster of grapes, of a purple robe as sheep’s wool dyed with the blood of a shellfish, and of sexual intercourse as internal rubbing accompanied by a spasmodic ejection of mucus. What useful perceptual images these are! They go to the heart of things and pierce right through them, so that you see things for what they are. You must do this throughout life; when things appear too enticing, strip them naked, destroy the myth which makes them proud.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, The Meditation

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Man stoics why you hate joy

(Marcus Aurelius is awesome, though, definitely check out Epictetus after you’re done with it, @drethelin )

This is a pretty interesting approach to random social signalling things, like the purple robe thing. 

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That actually makes me more impressed with the robe. Imagine having the time and resources back then to extract that much shellfish blood.

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This reads a lot like one Buddhist “wrathful practice” of Dorje Phuba where you deliberately and actively perceive things as disgustingly as possible to remind yourself that the pure/impure division is an illusion

Because reality is infinitely pure
Discrimination is unnecessary
And we remain serene.

Düdjom Rinpoche, in The Drinking Song

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