Regarding the 4chan thing: 4chan’s hyper-ironic self-defecating attitude towards almost everything was actually sorta helpful for a while insofar as *joking* about wanting to be a cute girl (and finding sympathetic responses, etc.) was a heckuva lot more helpful for me actually thinking of transness as something that could apply to *me* than what I found in much less Problematic milieus, which was basically “okay listen up cis person, you’ve got to show some respect etc.”

this anon post keeps crossing my dash and I can’t get over the first line

4chan’s hyper-ironic self-defecating attitude


Are you staring in horror at a linguistic gem of corruption, terrible to behold in its stark clarity?

Or did you just think it’s a typo of self-defeating because i’m fairly sure that was not intended? as written makes way more sense as a descriptor of 4chan than self-defeating

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