You have too many annoying opinions. I bet you’re a shitskin or some autistic liberal; probably white but Medish rather than Nordish (that is, if you’re not a shitskin or fucking third-world brown as I already suspect).


hmm you know what’s weird? I was about to ask if anyone could give me some really good criticism, something that really hits me in a vulnerable spot, makes me go woah and take a step back and re-evaluate my life choices.

And then here’s you with the incoherent babble, boosting my pre-existing sense of smug superiority to stratospheric levels.

seriously though I’m open for a roasting if anyone is interested; it doesn’t have to be anon but it can be, either way, just make it good.

Ah yes, we “nordish” people because that’s what we call ourselves. And of course we’re definitely not “liberal”* up here, nope nope. Worst social safety net in the world.

*We’re actually not, for values of liberal that means “classical liberal” instead of whatever shitshow the Americans have made of the word.

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