like, if it would be a dick move for the Westboro Baptists or the Catholic Chuch, then it’s also a dick move for Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, or any other sect.

dick moves are universal and can be evaluated independently of religion.

1) Yes, absolutely.


3) (I’m sorry)

2) HOWEVER – there is a ceaseless number of Dick Moves taking place every day. Which ones you care about, which ones you focus on, reveal something about you. The fact that this specific dick move is being lambasted in the media says something about what dick moves journalists care more about.

…4?) I have now edited back and forth on “media care/cares” and I cannot decide which version looks worse because it is hard to see whether “media” is plural or not. As such, I shall be changing this post every hour, on the hour, until I find a satisfactory solution.

5) Satisfactory solution found.

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