I think anarchism is silly and that if you take out the silly parts you’re left with something that isn’t worthy of the name anarchism.

And yet I haven’t been flamed about this on Tumblr!

@toothbrush-expropriator, @shieldfoss, I have you associated with anarchy in my mind (possibly unfairly, my mind makes no claims to accuracy or relevance) can you show me the error of my ways?

I think anarchy is silly but less silly than all the alternatives. I think anarchism as a blueprint for a new society is generally not useful and doesn’t look ideal. I think anarchism as a method for people seeking freedom is very useful strategically and intellectually and more people should use it. I have a rage and hatred seated in the deepest possible reaches of my brain against all authorities and those who try to become them. And I’m absolutely skeptical of blueprints for new societies that will vest any but the most trivial coercive authority in people or institutions.

I’m also kinda in a crisis right now so if this seems edgy or fake-deep it’s because my minds not on writing well right now

Thanks, I appreciate the response! And the separation between X as blueprint for new society and X as methodology for living life as an individual is important and should be applied more widely.

1) I am not actually an anarchist. I just read a lot of anarchist writing because it fascinates me – if I have to accept a label, “Left-Libertarian” seems to fit.

2) That said: The central defense against the silliness claim is that while it definitely has weak points, it is nevertheless less silly than the stuff that goes on within government, which is a claim I am very sympathetic to.

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