Katzbalger by Leo Todeschini. This style of sword was famously used by the Landsknecht. The name could be roughly translated to cat brawler, meaning a weapon for fighting tooth-and-nail with. Its unique style and compact size made it the perfect sidearm for the flamboyant German mercenaries. This example includes a set of knife and pricker, a very common combination of tools for the era, stored in a pocket on the scabbard.

I had never heard of a “pricker” before I saw this post, so I did some googling regarding what its purpose is.

So far, I’ve found a whole bunch of conflicting information!

Hypotheses I’ve seen as to the purpose of prickers:

– Sharpening steel for the knife.
– Fid for loosening tight knots.
– Skewer to hold down meat while cutting it.
– Awl for punching holes in leather/wood, marking wood.

If anyone has more information, I’d be interested to hear it!

pricker – did u mean: “Marlinspike”

This isn’t some Ancient Toole of the Faables fore the Amusement of Young and Olde, it’s a bog standard rope working tool that is commonly carried with your knife.

I have never used a marlinspike for sharpening a knife It works fine for the other three things you listed but the “purpose” is rope work.


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