I have come up with a WAY OF MEASURING CUCKS

The gram of our cuck-measuring system is the cuck proper: a small-penised unmanly white man’s white wife has casual sex with a manly large-penised man of a race white nationalists are insecure about, she gets pregnant and he raises the child, and he gets off on it because it is humiliating. This will be rated “1″. 

Things that participate to a degree in the Form of Cuck may now be ranked. For instance, using a sperm donor is about 0.2 cucks; supporting open borders is about 0.6 cucks (points have been subtracted for it being metaphorical). One may easily deduce which man is cucking which man, by carefully assessing which one’s cuck score is higher. Thus, we have settled such thorny issues as “if I’m poly but my husband’s dick is bigger than my boyfriend’s, who am I cucking?” (The husband, unless the boyfriend has spent at least $100 per extra inch on you.)

In rare cases, one may have over one cuck: for instance, if one has sex with the local cult leader one’s husband dislikes and then hangs around in a shirt saying “Harem Member of the Rightful Caliph” in order to annoy him, that would be at least two cucks. However, these extreme circumstances should be left to the experienced cuckologist, because of the danger they may pose to the unwary.

In the sacred tongue of the home country, cucks are traditionally measured in centimeters 😛

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