“women who were assigned female at birth who go on to be understood as men”

okay can someone explain to me this phenomenon of cis people doing incredibly awkward, misgendering, PC language???? why are cis people so determined to misgender people that they will call men ‘women’ even if they’re trans-aware enough to know about asab language

Trans-aware != agreeing with the, for lack of better term, trans consensus. E.g. everybody on 4chan knows what afab/amab means


Like, if you use a definition of women by which trans men are women, knock yourself out, but then why bother to use the PC language? Just call them women.

It is no longer PC language – when you say “woman” on 4chan, you cannot be 100% sure what the other person will understand, but A[m/f]ab is a pretty sure deal.

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