this is great but the person obviously just put “do you want to buy some illegal memes” into google translate

the natural way to say that is like

«хотите-ли вы купить несколько нелегальных мем?»

i guess

Nobody’s going to sell illegal memes na vy.

<<Хочешь купить несколько левых мем?>>

arent they????? i honestly have no sense of when to say vy bc i only speak russian w family and it’s not like i call my family members a vy so when interacting with people im not related to in russian im just kind of………..lost 

even if they say ty, that’s not a guarantee that it’s ok to say ty, bc im younger than them usually and there are things about that 

I was mostly kidding – I’m picturing the context as some guy on a street corner opening his trenchcoat, and instead of knock-off Rolex watches, he has, IDK, off-label lolcats.   

(I’m a fluent non-native speaker.)

yeah im def picturing street corner trench coat guy as addressing me as vy but idfk what real life is like

Always reblog off-label lolcats

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