my biggest pet peeve wiht the english language is that you don’t have sin/sina

in swedish if u have two people who use the same pronoun u can always tell whos doing what bc its like ‘han tog sin väska’ (he took his[own] bag) and ‘han tog hans väska’ would be that he took the other persons bag

but in english its like if u have 2 ppl w/ the same pronoun:

“she took her bag” whose bag????WHose BAG was it her OWN bag or the other her’s bag??????????????

“he ate his donuts” were the donuts his own???? did he fucking eat someone elses donuts??? YIU DONT KNOW bc english is a bullshit language 

also known as, the gay fanfiction dilemma

I’ve been cursing myself for starting a fanfic with two male main characters; this would make my writing SO much easier.

Have you considered: Just use our words?

Adam and Steve meet in a coffee shop, both put down their bags and, ugh, Steve is wearing exactly the tie Adam told him to get rid of.

Adam took sin bag, and his as well, leaving Steve sitting alone and bagless with a terrible tie.

NOTICE HOW English doesn’t have a different word you can confuse it for, because the pre-existing English word “sin” doesn’t fit into the sentence at that spot.

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