But on the other hand these “technolibertarians” don’t actually seem to be that libertarian. In fact, I get very strong “these are the exact same people who built the nordic eugenics programs” vibes from them. The same naive “I can run people’s lives for them” progressivist elitist attitude, which in business simply either results in a product that solves someone’s problems, or bankrupty, but which in government has historically had the failure mode of forcibly sterilizing about 1% of the population. They don’t seem to reject the idea of running other people’s lives for them, but rather simply to think that they could do a better job at it.

There is a very serious difference though: They do not impose this on you from the barrel of a gun which is very unlike most eugenics programs.

It is becoming harder and harder to have a social life without giving


acces to your private data, but at least he isn’t hiring people to show up at your house with uniforms and truncheons because you decided to stay away from him.

Is there a potential problem? Absolutely! Power, a lot of power, is concentrating into a very small area. If they ever decide that they should use the power of the state to impose on you, it will be easy for them. So far, they haven’t.

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