it took me forever to understand this chart because of the atrocious way Americans use language


because what the fuck this doesn’t make any sense

i mean a lot of libertarianism is left-skepticism in the sense of “we have no clue what we’re doing so how about we don’t have PoliceMob kidnap poor people just for…” but this isn’t that thing this is just some kind of weird inversion of what the fuck

Are you adopting PoliceMob from my argument w/ the Argumate or is this another case of Great Minds etc.?

I’m adopting it from you; the rest of the syntax is afaiaa (“…am aware”) original but not exactly unique. When I talk of PoliceMob kidnapping or ransoming people it gives the proper gravity of context that populist democracy has erased from “cops imprisoning or fining people”. Those things are serious business, and laws should not ban things that aren’t Actually Worth having PoliceMob kidnap or ransom people over.

Also, the argument was absolutely hilarious. I’m still cracking up at Steve’s $22M phone, and the front door too because fuck you that’s why, and the explanation to the mafia why protection rackets are indeed genuinely theoretically totally impossible.

And wow our current “justice” system is fucked up. If we used a modernized version of Xeer, stuff would make so much more sense. When a young and scared enforcer of PoliceMob accidentally-ish shoots a person protected by BLM Security, the correct choice is for PoliceMob and BLM Security to discuss (from a relatively equal position, not with one having hundreds of thousands of men with guns and de facto licenses to kill with the other having little more than goodwill) together how to achieve justice, not for the vox populi to have a shouting match on whether the enforcer should be consequently kidnapped or not.

Now this is the point where I’d like to say that “it seems to be working pretty well for Somalia because it’s not like it has descended into a forever-lasting civil war or anything”, except that it kind of totally has, so instead I’ll argue that various Shitholistans tend to suffer civil wars all the time and polycentric law doesn’t seem to be the root cause and that the modernized Xeer should totally be tried out somewhere less civil-warry.

BLM Security

Took me a few seconds, but: Clever

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