“I want a game where the protagonist can be fat!”

“I want a plot that doesn’t revolve around romance!”

“I want a game that doesn’t treat my character different if I play as a woman.”

“I want a game where I’m not forced to pick one class/gameplay style!”

“I want a cool story and a large open world that I can explore!”


Okay what if i want all that and to be able to beat the game


This is the absolute truth.

For those who feel Dark Souls is too difficult, don’t give up. It’s frustrating, but not impossible, and the rewards of success include a story that I will bet you haven’t seen in any fantasy game before.

Also: “I want a game where the most plot-significant and formidable NPC is a trans woman”

Oh God I laughed so hard at @jamietheignorantamerican ‘s Git Gud picture.

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