Wait a goddamn second political alignment charts are literally the same exact thing as D&D alignment grids. What the shit

  • Lawful Good: True State Socialism
  • Lawful Neutral: Left-leaning liberals
  • Lawful Evil: “moderate” liberals, neocons
  • Neutral Good: [Impossible due to the nature of politics?]
  • True Neutral: South Park libertarians, Legal Weed Capitalists
  • Neutral Evil: people obsessed with “states’ rights”
  • Chaotic Good: Anarcho-communists, the Yippies
  • Chaotic Neutral: Vermin Supreme
  • Chaotic Evil: militia groups and anarcho-capitalists

tag yourself I’m true neutral

I’m somewhere between lawful neutral and true neutral.

@maxiesatanofficial why are “"moderate” liberals" lawful evil?

Because “moderate liberal” is the bottom left of the political alignment chart and “lawful evil” is the bottom left of the D&D alignment chart.

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