I like promethea @socialjusticemunchkin Oue’s reviews of NRx A Basilisk. I am therefore annoyed a bit by criticism of them that I see as baseless.

Anyway, some clarifications: Promethea is an enby who at I think is feminine-of-center, and if you have to use binary pronouns, “he” is not the one to use.

> In the first part, they’re pulling a standard That Guy move. (That Guy is somebody familiar to anybody who gives and most people who attend panels at anime, comic, or science fiction conventions. That Guy sits in the audience and constantly, loudly interrupts the panelists to interject their own opinions or points they feel the audience should hear. I use a gendered term for this because That Guy is almost but not quite always male.) One of That Guy’s favorite tricks is to respond to something which isn’t quite true, and which the panelist knows isn’t quite true, but usefully conveys an important concept to an audience who isn’t familiar with it (for example, Phil’s bluescreen/hourglass illustration of the halting problem), with something technically more accurate but which fails to get the point across at all. As with most things That Guy does, the primary thing it accomplishes (besides derailing) is to announce “I am a pedantic asshole” very loudly.


Um. Sandifer asked for reviews. He even sent promethea a review copy, which clearly means he wants a review from promethea. Therefore, they are not doing anything wrong by “interrupting” the plot with commentary. (Maybe the other thing is a problem, but explaining how the problem is a “That Guy” move when promethea is not being “That Guy” is unnecessary except to attach negative affect to them.)

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I also cannot help but notice that it is literally impossible to have your reading experience interrupted by promethea unless you’re following her (or somebody who reblogs her) so…

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