“if fast food workers are paid a living wage then skilled workers will feel undervalued!” sounds like a fucking personal problem my guy

Skilled workers are undervalued.  Almost everyone below the top management/ownership level is undervalued.

However, it doesn’t help this situation to undervalue another group of workers even more.

What does “undervalued” actually mean? Like, where does the measurement of value come from? It doesn’t sound like you’re talking about the Fundamental Value of the Human Person, and it doesn’t sound like you’re speaking in strictly detached heartless economic terms either.

I recently got kicked from an internet forum over this exact debate. Apparently, if you remind people that some workers aren’t worth their proposed new minimum wage and will therefore be fired, you’re fascist scum for thinking some humans aren’t worth enough to keep alive.

Which is like, five kinds of wrong. They’re not worth enough to Walmart for Walmart to decide to keep them alive. If you think this is a problem, maybe solve the part where they’re dependent on Walmart’s support to survive, instead of the part where Walmart doesn’t want to support them.

Because any policy that forces Walmart to support them by making them unfirable is going to, best case scenario, make sure Walmart closes down that location instead and lets go of everybody – yes, that is best case.

The alternatives all involve Walmart somehow finding a way to exploit people who aren’t worth minimum wage until they make their money back. These are not best case. These are absolutely terrible case. Work them until they drop, lobby for permission to relocate these people to other places where the minimum wage is lower, straight out corporate feudalism – anything to make the money back. Because stores that don’t make enough money ethically, again, best case, get closed.

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