why do you want to give your child a pretentious name? honest question



My girlfriend has three boyfriends named “Michael” and that isn’t all the Michaels I even know

My best friend in middle school had my name

I know three Elizabeths and like six variants on “Alice/Alison/Alyssa”

I don’t want my kids to have or contribute to this problem unless they seek it out and on their own heads be it

Names go through cycles of different periods and are often affected by celebrities, media, current events, and fashion in sounds; it’s very hard to predict when a name will spike, and my actual aesthetic tastes are in fact not a good guide to unpopular names if I evaluate a string of letters on that alone, I often really like names that are mid-spike and would probably be inclined in favor of a name that was about to spike; I recommend the Baby Name Wizard blog if you are curious about name trends

So I’m going for broke on “so hopelessly fucking obscure they’re not on most people’s radar at all, not novel and inventive enough to suddenly explode” criterion and backing off a little on the middle names if the kids think I have Gone Too Far and want a fallback.

This is why I am planning to theme my daughters’ names around nineteenth-century feminists. Hopefully it provides enough randomness that they will not fall victim to Name Fashion Mind Control

Multiple names!

I am [common name] [uncommon name] [family name] as are several other people in my family, it works magically.

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