I only kept the tech support scam guy on the line for 2 minutes this time, because other people needed me to do things.

But I did get the call right after saying “Calls with caller ID unavailable can be great! Sometimes they’re tech support scams, which are hilarious!” when justifying picking up a call without caller ID.

Highlights for me were saying that I was in front of the computer, but the normal icons weren’t visible, because it was asleep. I also asked where he was calling from, at which point he sounded very exasperated and asked me if I had forgotten that he was tech support.

Also, either his connection must suck or he must be used to talking to people who spend the entire call trying not to laugh.

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They’re in the same kind of stay-on-script job as everybody else working minimum wage in a call center. I once asked why they wouldn’t take me off their list seeing as I knew it was a scam and they were just wasting their money calling me and she said she wished she knew as well.

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