I just heard the GOP strategist who called Trump supporters “childless, single men who masturbate to Anime” say that he’d prefer voting for Cthulhu or “the sweet meteor of death” and now I doubt anyone could convince me that he doesn’t spend several hours a week on this site.

It just now occurred to me there are people with like, actual credibility, who probably spend time just absorbing this street-level discourse going on on tumblr and twitter. Seeing as how tumblr is, in part, where the gender-nihilist manifesto came from, I actually think some of the tumblr intelligentsia is actually kind of part of the… real intelligentsia. Academics and pundits and journalists are reading our shitposts.

you say that like academics and pundits and journalists don’t produce shitposts literally 24/7, that is in fact their job,

Sweet Meteor of Death is a twitter account; has great plans for the country and the world:

I will forever eliminate:

  • Intellectual property law
  • Trademark infringement
  • Cheap, fake knock-offs 

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