A temperature chart for my fellow Americans who can’t do the Celsius-Fahrenheit equation from memory and for people in the civilized countries who’re too busy making fun of Fahrenheit to do the conversions themselves.

what the fuck 13 degrees is not light jacket weather 13 degrees is move to the equator and salt the earth behind you.

…I don’t think my bedroom has ever reached 24 Celcius even when we have the heating on O_o Even in the middle of winter we only put the heating up to like 18C. 

20C is basically t-shirt weather for me. Maybe shorts.

18 is comfortable, 20 is t-shirt, anything hotter than 25 is unacceptable except for going swimming


No. 22 is T-shirt weather, 20 outdoors is “great, if I wear long sleeves I’ll overheat and if I wear short sleeves I’ll be cold” and an acceptable heating temperature, 18 is an okay outside temperature but I’m gonna turn the heating on. 13 is a colder-than-average winter day and pretty freezing.

25 is nice summer weather, 28 is a bit much, 30 is “lolnope gonna stay inside all day” (they blast the air conditioning in public buildings here and it often goes colder than I like, but in summer it’s the best).

New Zealanders sound more like @maybesimon.

…today it was 60F and I wore a light sundress with sandals and no tights

get out of here with this “heavier long-sleeved garments”

Why the fuck do people keep thinking that 75 is an acceptable temperature to keep a room at. Especially when I need to sleep in said room.

Too warm or too cold?

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