You wouldn’t self-diagnose yourself with cancer. So why are these teens online self-diagnosing themselves with severe psychiatric disorders? And why are we allowing and encouraging it as valid?

this post gave me self-diagnosed cancer

the most epic softball I have ever seen on this site

“Why are we allowing.”

Ah yes, that old canard. I agree with communismkills: Teenagers who self-dx and subsequently post about it online need to be punished by PoliceMob. 


  • the size of the tumblr teenager self-dx crowd
  • the fact that they’re hiding behind false names
  • the additional anonymity of IP addresses and the fact that any single IP address might belong to a household with several teenagers or possibly even an adult who pretends to be a self-dx teenager online
  • the difficulty of asserting jurisdiction over possible foreign teenagers
  • and other issues (margin too small etc.)

I predict that the costs of a thorough purge will run into no more than $50 billion – a steal compared to the War on Drugs – so we should definitely stop allowing teenagers to self-diagnose online.

Adults can continue to do so – they, after all, have rights.

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