I feel like Mad Profits is probably sufficient motive to subjugate India if you can get away with it unless you are an exceedingly moral person. They didn’t go to India because Indians weren’t white, they went to India because India was rich and too fractured to defend their borders against the sustained Divide and Conquer strategy employed by B. EIC.

Mughals, Mongols, Manchus, all put East India Company to shame.

for global devastation I expect something like Taiping Rebellion at least

Oh absolutely

Has global devastation been caused in the name of white Mongol supremacy?


And again, the same probing question: Would they have conquered everything even if they didn’t feel that their military superiority permitted conquest? And the same hesitating answer: “Probably?”

(I feel fine applying “Global Devastation” to any of the major conflicts we’re talking about but I agree that it’s not exactly the best term)

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