Wait, there are other reasons to be angry? I thought these were basically the only reasons to actually ever get angry and not just irritated…

(of course, the trivial partial explanation is that men do often feel powerless thus angry but don’t recognize it and assign it on something else instead, because the culturally dominant narrative of masculinity is a prison and acknowledging that one feels powerless is approximately one of the biggest no-nos for it)

Other people intentionally trying to provoke you into anger can be quite angering. Not their actions, but their decision to take those actions.

game theory game theory g a m e   t h e o r y

The paper:

Immediate impression: The screenshot quote from the article is full of it.

The paper isn’t trying to show that women’s anger is different from the anger of men, it is trying to show that, unlikel cultural myths of irrationality, women’s anger is equally as rational as the anger of men.

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