Large portions of our economy would grind to a halt [sic] if the government did not grant patents and copyrights. Without this massive intervention into the free market, the drug, music, publishing, and software industries could not exist. [sic] Bill Gates likes to think of himself as a self-made man, but he would not be one of the richest men in the world if the government did not make it illegal for anyone but Microsoft to copy and sell Windows. [implication: this is somehow supposed to be a “good” thing]

Is this website a parody?

We can see this in their findings summarized in Table 1. Both public and private service providers received consistently high scores from people who had recently used their services. On a scale of 0-100, the public agencies averaged a score of 73.5 for customer satisfaction, while the private businesses averaged 73.9 – a negligible difference. Clearly, people’s actual experiences and evaluations of public agencies runs directly contrary [sic] to the negative stereotype that government organizations consistently provide inferior service to that available in the private sector.

Service                   Ratings by Recent Customers
U.S. Postal Service       76.1
Public health clinics     74.4
Private mail carriers     84.5
Private doctors' offices  80.6

Please tell me it’s a parody

Government also helps you own your house in more than the legal sense. On a more practical level, the federal government actually gives you money every year to help pay for your house. It’s called a mortgage interest tax deduction and it is one of the larger benefit programs run by the federal government – amounting to over $60 billion dollars a year. You can also deduct any real estate taxes you pay. These largely overlooked subsidy programs have enabled millions of people to buy their first home or to move up to a larger home than they could afford otherwise. [but when the private sector does it, it’s called irresponsible]

Unless telling me it’s a parody would render my beliefs less accurate

The Forgotten Achievements [sic] of Government

The Military. [sic]


How could [anti-poverty programs] possibly be considered a success [sic] when the poverty rate is essentially the same as it was thirty years ago? The answer is that most of the policies aimed at the poor in the U.S. were never intended to get them out of poverty.

Please universe be such that telling me it’s a parody would make my beliefs more aligned with reality

One business sector that benefits tremendously from government R&D is the drug industry. Our government conducts fully half of the research and development of new drugs – the economic benefits of which are then largely captured by pharmaceutical companies. [once again, this is supposed to be a “good” thing]

My brain ready and willing to be convinced that it is actually a LibCom false flag operation

“We help pay for your house by taking less of your money if you promise to spend it on a house” A++ statist logic.

Like, it’s not even hard to find examples of government achievements!  Every solved coordination problem! Every provided Public Good! If government was strictly inferior to private markets, it wouldn’t be so hard to get rid of. Why oh why reach for the list of problems caused by, then half-solved by, the government when there are actual non-government problems to point at instead?

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