Why I am biased against Danish citizens:

Note: I do not actually think all citizens of Denmark are jerks, I just had a terrible time being in that country for a year due to things that are kind of the country’s fault. This is (mostly) not the fault of any given citizen. Yes, this is me being a jerk, and I should not blame an entire country for the actions of <5 jerks who sexually harassed me.

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This post is seventeen kinds of awesome!

This hasn’t harmed Denmark… yet *glowers*

Just wait till you get a mech-suit.

Seriously though, I think your anti-Danish prejudice is based on the unfortunate coincidence of you spending time with 12 year old boys outside of your home country, then making the fundamental attribution error that the key fact at play is their nationality, and not the fact that they are stupid 12 year old boys.

I’m guessing that if you had remained in your home country then it would not have occurred to you to link their actions with their nationality.

Perhaps you could diminish your anti-Danish prejudice by increasing your antipathy to 12 year old boys generally? I’m not sure if that would help though, as in practice you might be more likely to encounter boys than Danes, and a functionally irrelevant prejudice might not be such a hindrance.

Another option would be to find a really really awesome Danish person that rewires your mental conception of the nationality entirely??

I think I am also blaming the teachers who didn’t do anything or come up with any solutions when I gave reports? And the education system in general? Also, 13-year-old boys never harassed me when I got back, and I was bullied by a 12-year old when I got back but I reported it and it was solved almost immediately.

Also, my parents hosted a Danish guest recently, and zie was really annoying and teased me a lot, but this might be confirmation bias.

I like a Danish transhumanist blogger I follow most of the time, but the fact that he keeps saying “sure, disability-causing genes should be eradicated, but don’t call me a eugenicist for saying that” is not giving me a better opinion of the country. Can you recommend any Danish bloggers that are unambiguously awesome?

I can’t, although don’t take that as indicative of overall Danish blogging quality.

Perhaps there is some confirmation bias at play here, and the Danish population is small enough that unless you go to some effort you’re not going to find many.

Or maybe they are just really annoying, or just like annoying you specifically 🙂

“I came to this forum to funpost and have a good time and honestly I’m” etc…

Real talk though, those teachers sound exactly like the teachers I remember having when I went to school in DK – utterly useless outside of the actual teaching role, not necessarily competent at that, either. Good times.

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