I need to complain about promises unkept

Because they are v. annoying 😡

I have a bad schedule.

By “bad” I mean that I do have time to funpost on tumblr but I do not have time to leave work at 11 so I can be home to receive a washer and dryer combo set delivery during the 12-17 time block.

So before ordering a new combo, I called up the delivery people. No problem! One of the time blocks they deliver in is 14-19. At 2 in the afternoon, I can leave work without rescheduling any meetings etc.

So I order the goods.

Today, the delivery people call me up to arrange delivery. The latest time block they can do is 12-17.

… hvæt? I do believe I heard differently when I talked to you last time.

Well that’s because you’re at $location, where our latest delivery block is 12-17.


O. K.

Well then here’s what’s going to happen – I am going to hit up your competition, find out when they deliver to my location and if it is more convenient, I am going to cancel my original order and pick your competition instead. 10% savings by going with your people is not worth doing business with a company that cannot keep promises.

(Never mind how difficult it is to actually find out what these delivery blocks are ahead of time – not a single one of the ~5 different companies nearby has that info on their home page, it requires contacting their customer service department (who also don’t know, but can tell you which subcontractor handles their logistics.))

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