Is it normal to have hallucinations without being psychotic?


Sometimes. It can definitely be normal if you’re tired, or stressed, or sick, or going to sleep, or on drugs. But sometimes it can be normal even without those things – see for example . I would be very concerned about any sudden change in hallucinations, but if you’ve had them for years and they’re not bothering you and you have no other symptoms of anything, I wouldn’t expect any disaster, though you can always go to a psychiatrist if you want to make them stop.

I’ve had full-blown audio-visual hallucinations* due to sleep deprivation. Good times.

And by “Good Times” I mean I do not recommend it at all – I am glad that I’ve had the experience, but I think it’s done permanent things to my sleeping patterns.

*They were mainly cases of confused processing – I’d be talking to somebody, then not notice that I’d closed my eyes because I’d keep seeing them. Then when I later opened my eyes again, they’d teleport to the location where my open eyes could actually see them.*

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