Red Panels

Here’s a crucial question you seem to have completely overlooked: Who is going to pay for the roads?

No, no, no. I asked who was going to pay for it, not who was going to build it. It was a rhetorical question. I already know the answer.

It’s You. You are going to pay for it. You, me, and anyone else who expects to use a road.

As they are now, roads are a public service. The government uses tax money to pay a company to build a road, and then it’s free for any US citizen, or legal foreigner, to use. Because that’s what a public service is. It’s when the government uses its money to ensure that the system can work. Public services are not free to create, but they are free to use.

Without the government, there is no longer such a thing as a public service. There are only private services. If a service exists, it exists to turn a profit. Private services are neither free to create, nor free to use. If you want to use a private service, you have to reimburse the creator of the service.

You will be paying way more for roads, education, emergencies, and all those things that are completely essential to a functioning society. Because all of those services are now done solely by for-profit organizations.


Wrong on all accounts.

1.) How can you say here is a question you overlooked and then present the exact question spelled out word for word in the second panel. It literally says “but who will pay for the roads?” followed by one possible answer. “The people who expect to profit from them.” Ever hear the phrase lighthouses still get built? When shipping companies realized they were losing boats they realized it made business sense to get together and pay to build a lighthouse because it made shipping easier and because of the boats they saved paying to build a lighthouse made financial sense. And so a service available to all was provided without government and without taxpayer funding. Tax corporations less and don’t build the roads with tax dollars and watch the roads get built faster and for less money by the people who need to use them most. Or the taxpayers can pay for their own roads with the money they save through taxes and can negotiate their own contracts and choose their own company to do it. Or you can pay for roads with tolls, then only the people who use the roads will pay for it voluntarily instead of everyone paying for it mandatorily through taxes. The government already does toll roads so let’s not pretend there is no way to recoup an investment in building roads without them. Without them though again there is no middle man to pay so the tolls will be cheaper than they are now. You can argue it’s still better to do it through government but you have to explain why and not pretend there is no alternative I presented you with 3 off the top of my head.

2.) When you stop to explain what a public and a private service is you are not addressing the point, we all already know what the difference is. When someone is arguing against the merits of public vs private…they already know what those things are. By explaining basic things that don’t add anything to your point you must just be hoping someone casually glances at it and thinks oh they are explaining something they must know what they are talking about. This is like me saying Coke is better than Pepsi and you said no it’s not Coke is made with sugar and comes in red cans. Yeah okay what’s your point I already know that.

3.) “If you want to use a private service you have to reimburse the creator of the service.” 


You still have to reimburse the creator of a public service as well, you just do it through taxes instead of directly. And by not paying directly you pay more because now you are paying for it through a middle man. A middle man who notoriously is bad with money and spends way too much of it and keeps way too much of it for themselves. Now you are not just paying for the roads, you pay for the people who pay the people that pave the roads.

4.) “You will be paying way more for roads, education, emergencies, and all those things that are completely essential to a functioning society. Because all of those services are now done solely by for-profit organizations.”

Not only are you paying more for public services than private because of involving the wasteful spending middle man of government but you also pay more because government control subverts the free market which drives down costs. Now instead of hiring the best or most economical company to do it the government can just issue contracts as kickbacks to friends and campaign supporters. It becomes a matter of if you donate to my campaign I’ll give you the city contract once I’m elected. And once you have the contract there is no need for you to do the job cost effectively. So feel free to have 3 people do jobs that take 1 person, feel free to take 5 hours to do a one hour repair job and milk that contract for all it’s worth. It’s only taxpayer money and we can take as much of that as we want.

Privatization helps erase monopolies the government created, drive down costs because of market competition and raises the quality of the service provided again because of competition. Everything done through public services is more expensive it’s why your taxes keep going up and they keep having to find new ways to get more and more of your money, because they are horrible at using it efficiently. Not just that but there is also a trend of government provided services finding ways to justify their expenses. You’ll never see a government go oh okay this is already paid for let’s take less taxes this year. They are constantly digging up and repaving roads that don’t need it to justify their yearly road budget. Instead of saying oh all the roads are paved let’s pass this back on to the taxpayer or redirect it to a service that does need funding…they say oh just redo the roads. Or more heinous examples like the EPA causing environmental disasters like that river they ruined (without consequence). Or the ATF circulating guns and drugs through cartels to justify the budgets for huge sting operations. Or the FBI running the internets largest child porn website to catch a couple predators. Essentially committing the crimes they are supposed to enforce.

The government doesn’t do an acceptable job nevermind a job so good there can be no alternative.

But have you considered: Roads?

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