60 percent keyboards are not good. Those keys are *not* unnecessary, and putting them behind a fn key turns basic shortcuts into the Vulcan nerve pinch. I suspect a ploy to make “hackers” willing to buy keyboards with fewer keyswitches.


60% keyboards are excellent.

First of all, I don’t need to reach around when I can just press down the fn key on my left pinky (people press capslock by accident sometimes, it’s that convenient of a location) and not move my hands away from their proper positions. The only thing I could complain about is the way I have to choose between having a r-alt and the fn key below my right thumb because that would allow me to use ctrl at the “capslock” location, but that’s a flaw in the language my parents taught me, not 60% keyboards.

Second, I can have my mouse way closer to my right hand when there are no useless keys in the way. It’s more ergonomic that way.

Third, I can actually carry my keyboard around and look only like an obnoxious nerd instead of a 80s cyberpunk character wannabe.

Fourth, they are sm0l and cute and pretty.

All I want for Christmas is Das Keyboard w/ danish layout.

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