Can someone explain why things like “I’m not racist, I hate everybody!” ended up as a Racist Bingo Square?

@ozymandias271 said:” because POC care more about being racially stereotyped than white people do + it hurts them more. “white people can’t dance” causes little material harm, “black people are criminals” causes a LOT of harm. We live in a racist society so racist stereotypes applied to everyone still harm poc more.”

That doesn’t seem like the thing I’m talking about, though. Like, when people say “do you hate black people” they’re making me choose between saying the thing in the OP, lying about how much I like people in general, or sounding like a racist.

Or, for another example, the question “How well does the word “violent” describe black people?” https://veracities.online/2016/05/30/overview-trump-voters-iv-ethnocentrism/ Saying “blacks aren’t violent” isn’t necessarily accurate if you think that black people have the same rates of violence as everyone else but that humans as a whole are a violent species. The question is very poorly worded, on par with “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

I see your point with the wording, but to me it’s clear from context that, “do you hate black people?” doesn’t mean “do you hate people who happen to be black”, it means “do you hate black people as a class” or, “do you hate black people because of their blackness.” Is that not as clear as I think it is?

I mean it is in fact clear, but it still feels like a demand for emotional labor.

It is also a defense against unprincipled accusations of bigotry. If Professor Jones is an asshole to you, maybe it’s not because he’s a racist and hates your skin, maybe he’s just an asshole in general. Turning it towards the Gender War for a few lines, I had a teacher once who was very unpleasant to the women in class. I don’t think he had more than the average serving of misogyny, he was just an asshole – Lord knows we boys of the class didn’t get passed over either.

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