i’m not claiming the life expectancy would have just kept rising at the same rate seen from 1960-1970 (though i can see how my wording may have implied such), but it’s not unthinkable to suggest it could have matched or surpassed the life expectancy of the u.s. before the growth rate leveled off (as indeed cuba managed to do). i don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask if things like the end of free housing, for example, might have slowed the growth rate of life expectancy.

but yes, the chinese revolution did indeed end an 150 year period of utter fuckedupness, this is true.

China may pass the US due to lower levels of violence, all they need to do is phase out smoking, both tobacco and coal.

Would a communist revolution in Japan raise life expectancy, do you think?

Or Australia, perhaps?

Or perhaps revolutions only raise life expectancy when the situation prior to the revolution is a complete shitshow, and literally anything would be a step up.

Incidentally, also the situations most likely to inspire revolutions!

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