So there’s this thing that postmodern types do where they first point out that human reason is flawed, people’s beliefs are historically and culturally contingent, etc. Then, once you’ve agreed with them, they proceed to dismiss your beliefs as overconfident without ever taking their turn to have their beliefs humbled. The end result is that you’ve admitted weakness and they haven’t, all without making them say anything untrue.

Realizing this made me finally realize why talk about bias from the left makes my hackles when the same stuff coming from the Grey Tribe doesn’t.

Wait, are you saying that the Grey Tribe doesn’t do this? The postmodernists even copy some of the Grey Tribe’s rhetoric when they do it (despite normally treating Gray Tribe rhetoric as an anti-shibboleth).

I mean I’m sure they do, but they just don’t do it to me. Not sure who used it first.

I am pretty sure the Grey Tribe is too new to have spawned any of what postmodernists have done except for perhaps their actions over the last, at most, five years.

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