“White people are 64% of the population, but they make up most of the elite! That’s overrepresentation, and overrepresentation can only be caused by nefarious ethnic coordination! …Wait, why does everyone hate Jews all of a sudden?”

“It’s terrible how this new leftist rhetoric has pushed racist reactionaries into acting like how racist reactionaries always act.”

can we go more meta? this is a little too object-level for my taste.

Nope, because I have an object level concern.

Racist reactionaries: Gonna reactionay in a racist way.

What I’m curious about is whether leftist race-focused rhetoric has made more fence-sitters into racist reactionaries? I know I, personally, have knowledge of a number of facts about statistics across genotypes that I wouldn’t have known about if race hadn’t been so prominent in the media because why would I ever have needed to learn?

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