Do not allow people to mispronounce your name

Always make people mispronounce your name because then they will not have any Power over you by knowing your True Name.

I get that this may not be intended for people like me since I pass as white, but I have a par name that no non-Spanish-speakers ever get right on the first try, and that people seem to have trouble learning even when making an honest effort. It’s a mild annoyance and my family loves to snark at people for being uncultured, but it’s really not worth making into a big deal for me.

¿Que es tu nombre? Also the idea that only nonwhite people have names that are difficult to pronounce is laughably false.

Es mi apellido, entonces no voy a decirlo por el internet.

I mean, usually Polish names are taken as a stand-in example for “white people names” that are often misspelled and mispronounced.

I have a slightly uncommon German last name. It should, however, be pretty easy to just read it out for a native speaker. Or write it down when I say it. But it’s not. I’m regularly misunderstood and have to spell it out. Or listen out for variations that could plausibly be my name if somebody reads it out loud (like at the doctor’s).

This seems to happen to nearly everybody I know unless their name has been around for like a few hundred years and is 2 syllables or shorter and the person pronouncing the name is somehow related to the name-bearer by a common ancestor in the last 150 years.

By now I assume it’s part of the basic human experience for basically everybody that your name is never pronounced quite like you yourself pronounce it by basically everybody (outside of your own family and close friends). Which is why I find it so funny that tumblr seems to think this experience is only suffered by certain minorities in the US and, as such, constitutes a failure on the part of the pronouncing party.

I have a Polish (by way of Russia) 13 letter last name, and at this point I’ve made a game of watching how people pronounce it.

Them: Kira….*reads my last name*
Them: *dawning look of horror*
Them: “uh…uh… [attempt at my last name that would probably be more accurate if they read out a random keyboard smash]
Me: [Says it quickly and in Russian]
Them: ….
Me: *takes pity on them* [repeats it slowly and with my accent flattened to English]

Honestly, I collect mispronunciations of my last name, it’s a point of pride by now.

I’m the whitest person in this thread, and before I went to college, I didn’t have a single teacher who could reliably spell or pronounce my name. 

I didn’t get offended about it, because I couldn’t gain status from being offended about it. 

Move over, almost-whitest American, double-white Scandinavian in Scandinavia coming through to say that when I make phone calls to other same-country Scandinavians, I spell my Scandinavian last name out phonetically because otherwise people get it wrong more than half the time.

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