joke topic: ANSI C


“These guys – these foreigners – they’re eating our lunches! They’re eating our lunches and the Democrats and Republicans have been letting it happen. We have a disaster called the big lie: ANSI C. Do you know what ANSI stands for? It means the American National Standards Institute. American, folks. It – American. We – they still call it that, but do you know who sets the standards for C these days? The International Organization for Standardization. International, people! Since 1989 one of America’s most valuable programming languages has been in the hands of overseas bureaucrats. And we let it – we just let that happen like it was no big deal. Like it was no big deal. Whenever you try to get it to print ‘Hello world!’ it prints ‘Hello welfare state!’ instead. When I become pres- [raucous applause] When I become president of these United States I will take back our programming languages and I will make America great again!”
– Donald Trump

Still good

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