It doesn’t seem to be that much about guns, but instead very much about culture. It’s likely that the gun culture in the US is especially dysfunctional, but that’s an argument for trying to change the culture, because nobody will ever be able to take those guns away (and I’d consider it an undesirable outcome anyway; my ideal society would have a strong positive culture that keeps things in check so that most people could basically be trusted with their choice to obtain firearms if they want). And when one takes that into account, focusing on skills and safety, responsible usage, and gun laws that are reasonable (permits not excessively hard to obtain, and focus on competence in safe handling instead of excessive barriers and fees) would probably be the best option forward.

I also get the impression that there is not really a “The” gun culture in America. It is a huge country with very varied firearms cultures even within the individual states.

Well yes. And a certain subset of those cultures are messed up in a way that isn’t seen in many other first-world countries, and causes those problems. I don’t expect the gunblr guys to be the ones driving up the bad statistics, and I apologize for any confusion my previous broad statement might’ve caused, if the intent wasn’t clear from the context.

No, it was super obvious and I agree entirely. I would add: Some people cannot be trusted with firearms. Some people are so gone, they cannot be trusted with even so much free speech as a twitter account and a letter to the editor. But as we have seen again and again through history, any attempt to rein in their freedom will result in more harm than they cause with that freedom and so it is better to maintain universal liberty.

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