I love this.

I don’t. Why?

They will. Possibly within her lifetime

It is only a matter of time. Only the rebelliousness and poverty of the majority of transsexuals is slowing it down. 

It is prideful to think that this argument will not be trampled by the march of human science, and simply foolish to think either that said science will do nothing that is far more horrible or far more glorious than this. 

And if we cannot deal with the world of rising power and madness, while maintaining our principles and our humanity? Then we (at best) become relics like the Sentinelese, and at worst are thrown to the wolves. 

(If we can deal with it, then we have a world to win.)

Also, people who by these criteria are not women include anyone who doesn’t get pregnant (radfems: think “many lesbians”, religious people: think “nuns”), people who don’t undergo severe mental changes during their menustral cycles (I wouldn’t describe any of my gender/ASAB-related experiences as “hormonal insanity”, and I doubt I’m alone in this), and people who die before hitting menopause. (I would mention “pre-pubescent people” but they are arguably actually not women.)

And trans people generally take hormones? Which, when taking effect, probably causes “mood fluctuations” comparable if not more severe than having a menustral cycle causes.

Note: Desiree is not offended. She’s “offended.”

Desiree is also offensive and I’m offended by her but still!

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