I think this is the wrong way to try to convince white male writers to write more women and POC, but I am not awake enough to articulate why.

I think “why is it specifically bob’s duty to not bring coleslaw rather than everyone’s duty to better coordinate” is part of it

As is “why haven’t we asked who prepares the tastiest coleslaw and decided to keep that one”

eta this response is even worse:

bob might be an asshole if he’s upset you “made him” bring something he didn’t know how to make to the party. Bob is substantially less of an asshole if he is upset because he is a chef and his dishes are his livelihood and being pressured into this experiment means losing money. Especially if he is not a big name who can absorb the damage easily

well in the coleslaw example the diners are dying to see some new food that isn’t coleslaw and anyone bringing it to the table will be rewarded for doing so, thus there is little need to nag someone as the incentives are already there.

The part where fiction isn’t pot luck and there are more books available on the internet than you could read in a lifetime also matters, especially since those books feature a very diverse cast of characters if you just don’t read the ones that don’t.

I refuse to be held responsible for the behavior of a large group of people I don’t have influence over.

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